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LELB Diakonijas centrs - Kopienas centrs ,,Gaujaslīči'’
LELB Diakonijas centrs - Kopienas centrs ,,Gaujaslīči'’
+371 29222604
Business hours: Working days: 9.00 - 17.00
Pre-scheduled appointment needed
Soup kitchen: Tuesdays and Thursdays after a preliminary agreement.
Support description
If you need humanitarian help, please call and ask, we will try as far as possible to source from the central warehouse. At the centre of the day are rooms for conversations, support groups, classes; the possibility of washing clothes; the possibility of a shower; there's a chance to enjoy a warm lunch with customers at the day centre on Tuesday and Thursday before logging in.
Soup kitchen
Updated: 27.03.2023 20:00